Absinthe from Memory 2014

When I was growing up, my family shared a love for horror movies such as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Due to the raw nature of these films and how what is in the dark, murky shadows is left to the imagination, I have grown increasingly fond of classic horror films such as these. What these directors could not realize is how these movies would influence my life and my connections not only with my family and our strange fascination with October, but more importantly, my relationship with my father.

My father and I drifted apart as I grew up.  He was my everything when I was a kid, and as time flew by, we became more distant as I grew more connected to my mother. When I left home I started to miss my dad and began watching the movies that separated us from everyone else in the family.  This series is meant to depict my connecting back with my father through the classic horror films that we watched every year and continue to watch. 

The use of Absinthe as a shocking element in the development of the film is meant to add to the mystery of what is depicted in the photograph.  The absinthe leaves a chunky layer on the film after the full development is over.  The imagery that results from the destruction of the film is meant to reference the nostalgia of mine and my father’s connection to horror films and also the hidden, creepy qualities of classic horror movies.