Anxiety and Decease 2013

As I grow into the person I am today I find that the people around me become more apart of me than I become apart of myself.  To lose someone that has molded me to who I am gives me anxiety that one day I will no longer have those people in my life.  The fear of having someone that has become apart of myself die worries me each and every day due to the fact that I have never experienced death.  No one in my family has died nor has any of my close and even acquaintance friends done anything moronic enough for me to lose them.  So while I sit and count my blessings I also count the amount of anxiety problems I have and the amount of medication I get put on for it leads me to rely on the people around me to keep my sanity every day.  This series is meant to depict my struggles with the thought of losing those that help keep the anxiety expressed at bay.   It is meant to portray heaven and hell and my anxiety over the unknown of where exactly we go once we pass on.