Nomad 2014-15


 “A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place”

 Originally from Detroit, I was uprooted as a teen when my family relocated to the South.  As a result, I am drawn to the nomadic way of life.  Moving from a polar opposite culture at a pivotal point in my life caused a separation between my roots and my sense of belonging. I became less a northerner, but no more a southerner, and found myself lost within an unfamiliar society and disconnected from the home I had known.

 Over time, I decided that I no longer was part of either region. I claimed myself as a nomad, a stranger in an estranged land.  I began photographing areas that spoke to me as their own spirit and not as a geographic location.  This work is an exploration of the only constant in life being change.