Nomad: On The Road 2018

Nomad: “A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place”

            From the beginning of my artistic career the notion of being a stranger in an estrange land has been basis in the majority of my work.  Due to moving about during major turning points in my life I have never felt drawn to a particular region but more spiritually drawn to having a base and roaming about as I please, a “nomad” as you would coin to term.

I have always been drawn to something further in my photographic passions, which is what draws me to the vast horizons of the natural landscape.  I began this photographic journey while on the road traveling about anywhere from deserts, beaches to mountaintops.  I shot with medium format film anything that drew my eye and lifted my soul, photographing in single and double exposure styles the natural landscape in order to convey a new meaning that can be brought to the land.  Thus, conveying with this work the notion that there is much more to see within a single nation by visiting the various landmarks and national parks throughout America